Skills Lab of the Vetmeduni Vienna

"VetSim - simulating vet's life": gain hands-on experience

The "VetSim" skills lab of the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna provides specially equipped surgeries where veterinarians in training can learn and independently practice clinical skills prior to applying them to animal patients.

Thanks to dedicated students and faculty the idea and the demand for more hands-on experience were turned into reality in the form of a 180m² training center with several teaching rooms freely accessible to students:

  • In the treatment room students are able to practice patient interviews with the help of audiovisual media.
  • In the operating room veterinarians in training learn and strengthen skills and techniques using models.
  • There is also a test laboratory where students can gain experience working with laboratory equipment.

The skills lab offers an open learning environment and the opportunity to gain confidence and experience through self-study. Learning by observation increases the efficiency of the learning phase with animal patients because students are better prepared for patient contact.  For the university clinics of the Animal Hospital the skills lab is like a gateway to the internship and postgraduate training.

The University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna would like to thank all helpers and give also thanks for the funding provided by sponsors and the Federal Ministry for Science and Research (education package).


Overview: Skills Lab


Academic management

Portrait von Klaus Riedelberger

Ass.Prof. Dr. Klaus Riedelberger
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Student Staff

  • Anna Sickmüller
  • Bernhard Sonnberger
  • Andreas Werlberger
  • Johanna Zörer

Our student staff is available during consultation hours at:

T +43 1 25077-1079
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Skills Lab impressions

In preparation for an OP
In preparation for an OP [Link 10]
Taking of a milk sample
Taking of a milk sample [Link 11]
Clinical examination of a rat dummy
Clinical examination of a rat dummy [Link 12]
Daily routine (sterilisation of instruments)
Daily routine (sterilisation of instruments) [Link 13]
Placing of a dog dummy for neutering
Placing of a dog dummy for neutering [Link 14]
Practicing on a hores dummy (mare with foal)
Practicing on a hores dummy (mare with foal) [Link 15]

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Clinical Stations (German only)


Liste der Übungsstationen des Skills Lab zum Download (xls, 40 KB) [Link 17]

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Floor plan

The skills lab comprises a total area of 180m² and is divided into various sections. The floor plan provides an overview of all facilities.

Skills Lab floor plan for download (PDF, 11 KB) [Link 18]

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User guidelines

Skills Lab user guidelines for download (PDF, 111 KB) [Link 19]

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Contact Skills Lab

Opening Hours:

Mo-Thu: 9:00 am-7:00 pm
Fr: 9:00 am-1:00 pm


T +43 1 25077-1079
E-Mail to Skills Lab [Link ]


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