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Die Vetwidi Forschungsholding GmbH ist ein Unternehmen der Veterinärmedizinischen Universität Wien (Vetmeduni).

Sie bildet die Schnittstelle zwischen Forschung und Wirtschaft an der Vetmeduni und betreut die Wissenschaftler und Wissenschaftlerinnen der Vetmeduni in sämtlichen Aspekten des universitären Technologietransfers.



codetitlekey words
EM059 [Link 1]MRSA antibiotic activity of epigenetically identified substanceMRSA; antibiotic; fungi
EM057 [Link 2]Oral applicable paste for LlamasLlama, praziquantel
EM020 [Link 3]Anti-inflammatory feed supplementlarch sawdust
SIP002 [Link 4]canine B-cell line from large cell lymphomaCLBL-1, lymphoma
SIP003 [Link 5]Telemetry system for ruminantsnon-invasive, heart rate
SIP004 [Link 6]Minimal invasive conchotomy in horsesreduced blood loss
SIP005 [Link 7] Model for in vivo NK-cell researchNCR1, natural killer cell
SIP006 [Link 8]In vivo NK-cell depleted  modelStat5, NCR1, mouse
SIP015 [Link 9]foot pump for horse emergency ventilationpump, inflation, horse
EM088 [Link 10]surface testerGmax, stiffness, equine, energy recovery



Marinomed (09-2014)

French Nicox S.A. successfully bids for Marinomed anti-viral eye drop program. Read more... [Link 11]

Marinomed (12-2013)

Effectiveness of Marinomed´s antiviral nasal spray confirmed in clinical trial for common cold. Read more... [Link 12]

Poultry Vaccines (03-2014)

Opening of Christian Doppler Laboratory for innovative Poultry Vaccines at Vetmeduni Vienna based on Vetmeduni Vienna IPR. Read more here (German only)... [Link 13]

Lama paste [Link ] wins INITS Life Science Award (11-2013)

Agnes Dadak receives the award for research and patenting of an oral pharmaceutical formulation for South American camelids in the name of the team of inventors. Read more (German only)... [Link 14]

Marinomed (03-2013)

Marinomed´s antiviral nasal spray approved for use in canada. Read more ... [Link 15]

ViruSure (11-2012) 

Sekisui Medical [Link 16], Japan and ViruSure Agree Marketing Cooperation for Japan. read more ...  [Link 17]

Marinomed (11-2012)

Marinomed granted Chinese patent for antiviral polymere. read more ... [Link 18]

ViruSure (10-2012)

RCC [Link 19] Announces Marketing Partnership with ViruSure [Link ] for India offering Biosafety Testing Expertise for India´s Biopharmaceutical Companies

Marinomed (03-2012)

Marinomed's Iota-Carrageenan Nasal Spray Achieves Positive Clinical Results Against Common Cold [Link 20]

Abgelaufene Meldungen siehe Meldungsarchiv [Link 21]