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The method of choice is animal identification using a microchip. Your vet will implant a microchip the size of a grain of rice under the animal's skin. The process is comparable to a vaccination and is painless.

Each chip has a unique number that can be read out using a reader (as used by veterinarians). Chipping is linked to the entry of the chip number and the associated owner data in an animal registration database. This is the only way to establish a connection between the animal found and its owner.

Animal-registration databases

If a chipped animal is found, the chip number can be read from a reader, entered in the database query and thus the owner can be determined. Unfortunately, there is currently no uniform system, but several databases. You can find some of them listed below.

Further information

Animal Control
Haustierzentralregister für Österreich
Telefon +43 662 833 57 52
Internetdatenbank der Vereinigung Österreichischer Kleintierpraktiker (VÖK)

Die österreichische Chipdatenbank mit weltweiter Vernetzung! Ein Service von
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Vom österreichischen Sozialministerium zertifizierte Meldestelle für Mikrochip-Registrierungen für Tiere in Österreich und Europa.

Die Petmaxx-Suchmaschine sucht in diesen drei Datenbanken gleichzeitig.