Important information on the campus


Relocation of the Ambulance of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation:

Due to relocation measures, the Ambulance of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation has a new location: Building CB, basement; Start-up date: 4th March 2019  .

Further information about the new University Clinic for Small Animals can be found here 1.


Local wild animals

A new hotline has been established for any questions regarding local wild animals (except bats) and/or reporting of injured or orphaned wild animals (except bats): +43 1 4000-49090. The wild animal hotline is staffed daily (Monday to Sunday including public holidays) from 7.30 am to 10 pm.
For further information on wild animals in Vienna, please see the website 2 or contact wildtiere(at)


Wolf im Kooperationsexperiment  3

Wolves lead, dogs follow – and both cooperate with humans  3

The statement is a bold one, especially as wolves have received a lot of negative attention in recent years. A recent study conducted by behavioural...

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Mauspaar (Foto: © K.Thonhauser/Vetmeduni Vienna)  4

Pheromones and social status: Machos smell better  4

Male house mice are territorial and scent-mark their territories with urine – and dominant, territorial males have much greater reproductive success...

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The Vetmeduni Vienna plays in the global big leagues with its excellent 6th Place finish in the 2018 Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities for the “Veterinary Science” curriculum.

More information 5



For the patients of the University Clinics and their owners

Hund mit Stethoskop (Quelle: Fotolia)

24h-telephone (around the clock and in case of emergency):
- Small Animals: +43 1 25077-5555
- Horses: +43 1 25077-5520
- Farm Animals: +43 1 25077-5232

Website of the Animal Hospital (in German) 6



Admission for Studies

Updated on 22.02.2019:

Contents of the examination for the admission restrictions 2019/2020 applied to the Diploma Programme in Veterinary Medicine, the Bachelor's Programme in Equine Science and Biomedicine and Biotechnology and Master's Programme in Comparative Biomedicine and Biotechnology and Interdisciplinary Master in human-animal interactions.

Admission Procedure 2019/2020 8

If you have got any further questions concerning admission and application, please write an e-mail.


Address and arrival

University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna

Veterinaerplatz 1, 1210 Vienna, Austria
T +43 1 25077-0
Directions to the Vetmeduni Vienna 12