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The registration requirements for courses set out in the curriculum also apply to concurrent enrolment pursuant to Section 59(1)(3) of the Universities Act 2002.

Request for concurrent enrolment

Concurrent enrolment must be made within the admissions period for each semester.

The following documents must be submitted to Student Services or sent by email to

  • student ID
  • current student record sheet from the home university

The students’ union membership fee and any tuition fee must only be paid once per semester at the home university.

Following application

After you have received the login data for your accounts and these have been activated, you can register yourself for the courses, with the exception of exercises and courses associated with subject examinations, etc.

When is concurrent enrolment not possible?

Concurrent enrolment is not possible if

  • you have already been admitted to a regular degree programme at Vetmeduni Vienna.
  • you are studying at a Fachhochschule (university of applied sciences).
  • you are studying at a university outside of Austria.
  • you have been admitted to another university via a mobility programme.
  • you are enrolled in a non-degree programme at the admitting university (home university).
  • you are on a leave of absence from the admitting university.

Continuation of concurrent enrolment:

If you would like to continue your concurrent enrolment in the following semester, please send a continuation notification including the current student record sheet from your home university to