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Selection procedure Master’s Programme in Precision Animal Health

Questions and enquiries regarding the selection procedure will be accepted exclusively by e-mail.



  • Online pre-registration
    2 May 2022 to 3 July 2022
  • Payment of registration fee
    2 May 2022 to 10 July 2022
    Please note that in accordance with university directives the registration fee must be received no later than 10 July 2022.
  • Upload of the application documents
    2 May 2022 to 10 July 2022 in the online pre-registration portal.
  • Determination of results
    The selection committee ranks the applicants on the basis of the results of the admission procedure. The ranking forms the basis for the decision on the allocation of study places and admission to the program. The applicants will receive written notification of the outcome of the admission procedure and the allocation of a study place by e-mail to the e-mail address given in the procedure.

  • Accessibility
    Information on accessibility at Vetmeduni Vienna can be found at the following link.

Detailed information on the selection procedure.

Applicants must pre-register at VetmedOnline in the period from 2 May to 10 July 2022. 
Once you have registered, you may apply for the programme of your choice.

Register Here

Please note that you must re-register every year that you apply for the selection procedure.

Applicants who already have an account (e.g. active students and staff of Vetmeduni) should use their existing login information.