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Students and employees

All dog owners who would like to bring their own pet to campus must fill out and submit a corresponding application. These applications must be renewed annually. In order to extend your application to take your dog with you at Vetmeduni, you will be informed in good time by email. The applications for employees are to be made in VetEasy without exception, the processing of the applications, the collection of the dog tags and the payment of the fees are handled in the finance department.

Conditions and necessary documents / evidence for a quick and smooth processing of the applications:

  • Fully completed application for each dog (electronic)
  • Complete copies of vaccination records (proof of basic immunization and regular refreshments). The assignment of the respective vaccination certificate to the identity of the dog and owner must be traceable (especially consider the image of the pet passport number at the bottom of each page on the copies)
  • Proof of the chip number
  • Proof of official registration (copy from the pet database or extract from the respective district administration)
  • Proof of proper accommodation on the premises (confirmation of the authorized person (supervisor) as part of the workflow)
  • Proof of dog liability insurance

After approval of the application or the extension, you will be informed by email.
In order to ensure the most efficient processing possible, the dog tag must be picked up and the fee paid within 6 weeks of approval. If this does not happen, the fee is doubled and after a further 4 weeks the approval for the current calendar year expires.
If your application is rejected, you will find a reason in your email.

As part of a renewed application, you can submit the required and current documents / data later.
The collection of your dog tag and the payment of the annual fees only take place during the opening hours of the Service Point in building CB (ground floor). The fee of EUR 25 per dog is to be paid in cash. If the dog tag is lost, a fee of EUR 10 must be paid.

Short-term permits (1 to a maximum of 4 weeks per year) for dogs are issued upon presentation of all necessary documents. They automatically lose their validity at the end of the term. The costs amount to EUR 10 per permit.