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Your application number and your e-mail address. To simplify contact, we ask for a telephone number!

Austrian citizens must provide an Austrian national insurance number. All others please leave this field blank.

If you are or have been admitted to an Austrian university or university of applied sciences, please enter your matriculation number. Otherwise, please leave this field blank.

Your matriculation number will remain with you for the rest of your life.

In the applicant management of the online pre-registration. Please check independently whether the contribution has been received.

If you have NOT stated your application number as the payment reference (or reason for payment) when making your payment, your payment CANNOT be allocated. This means that the cost contribution is considered outstanding and your application is invalid.


No. The full cost contribution (€50) must be credited to our account by 27 May 2024. You are responsible for expenses and any transfer fees.

Information on the university entrance qualification examination can be found here.

In the online application portal, select the 25 - foreign school-leaving examination in the list (this also applies to those who have taken their school-leaving examination in Germany). 
Exceptions: IB Diploma or European Baccalaureate certificate from the European Schools - see list.

Some programmes require additional qualifications. Details on the additional/supplementary examinations can be found here.

No. These documents will not be considered in the application process.

The personal aptitude test date cannot be postponed (neither in case of illness nor other commitments). Participation in the admission procedure is only possible again for the following academic year.

No. The University of Veterinary Medicine does not co-operate with any providers of preparation courses. The following also applies: The passing on of test questions to third parties and their utilisation is prohibited.

No. Please do not take anything with you except your personalised invitation with QR code, your official photo ID and some food.

These questions are designed to test your personal suitability. Preparation is therefore hardly possible. Tip: Research the occupational fields and talk to people who practise this profession. Reflect on whether your ideas match the actual occupational field.

You will receive a confirmation of admission if you are accepted. We endeavour to compile the ranking lists quickly after evaluating the aptitude tests and entering your grades. Enquiries about the specific date will not be processed.

After you have made an appointment online in applicant management within 10 calendar days.

You can inspect the subject-specific section. Access to the personal aptitude section is prohibited under the Universities Act.

The inspection dates will be published in the applicant management system after the ranking lists have been announced. You can also register for the inspection there. As the inspection takes place electronically, it takes place on campus.

No. Only those applicants who have been awarded a place on the basis of the procedure results and who fulfil the other admission requirements (§§ 63 ff UG) can be admitted to the Diploma Programme in Veterinary Medicine and the Bachelor's Programme in Biomedicine and Biotechnology.

Yes, you can run again in subsequent years.

This changes every year. In 2021, a total of around 1400 people took part in the admission procedures.

Diploma Programme in Veterinary Medicine: 223

Bachelor's Programme in Biomedicine and Biotechnology: 50

Master's Programme in Comparative Biomedicine: 15

Master's Programme in Human-Animal Interaction (IMHAI): 20

Master's Programme in Precision Animal Health: 20

No. You are responsible for complying with travel regulations and for the trip itself.