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Students’ union membership fee

The prescribed tuition fee/students’ union fee ("ÖH-fee") of € 22.70 (WS 2023/2024 and SS 2024) must be paid every semester by all students without exception until the end of the admission period, even by those students who are exempt from paying a tuition fee.

End of admission period WS 2023/2024: October 31st, 2023

End of admission period SS 2024:March 31st, 2024

ATTENTION: Starting from winter semester 2022/23 there is no grace period anymore! Please ensure that we receive the amount for the winter semester by 31 October 2023 at the latest and for the summer semester 2024 by 31 March 2024 at the latest.

Tuition fee


Tuition fee per semester  

Regular students (past prescribed standard period of study + grace semesters)  

              € 363,36


Third country nationals

             € 726,72


Non-degree students

             € 363,36


Extraordinary students who participate exclusively in a university course or pre-study course are exempt from the tuition fee and only have to pay the course fee and the ÖH fee.

Temporary exemption

A temporary exemption from tuition fees exists for the duration of the standard period of study of a diploma, bachelor, master or doctoral program plus two semesters (tuition-free period) for the following regular students:

  • Austrian citizens,

  • EU citizens,

  • EEA citizens (Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein),

  • Citizens of the Swiss Confederation,

  • Convention refugees (also from other EU countries),

  • Subsidiary protection beneficiaries,

  • Third-country nationals who have been granted one of the following residence titles:
    "Permanent Residence - EC" or "Permanent Residence - EU" issued by the competent Austrian authority.
    "Permanent Residence - EC" or "Permanent Residence - EU" issued by the competent authority of another member state and a residence permit for Austria
    "Daueraufenthaltskarte" (permanent residence card) issued by the competent Austrian authority

  • Turkish citizens on the basis of the EEC-Turkey Association Agreement, if they:
    duly reside with their parents living in Austria and
    the parents are or were duly employed in Austria

  • Students to whom the Ordinance on Groups of Persons applies (except students with a residence title "Aufenthaltsbewilligung Studierende")

  • Students with an Austrian residence title other than "Residence Permit Students".

ATTENTION: The above-mentioned residence titles must be presented to the Admissions Office in the original and in copy within the admission period!

During the non-contributory period (standard period of study), only the ÖH fee is to be paid. If the non-contributory period (standard period of study) is exceeded, the tuition fee and the Students’ union membership fee must be paid.

Citizens of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland who began their studies before 31 December 2020 remain subject to the provisions of Section 91(1) of the Universities Act with regard to tuition fees even after the end of the transitional period.

Dates and deadlines

The admissions period can be found in the schedule for the academic year.

Payment options

During first-time admission to the university, the students’ union membership fee and the tuition fee can be paid on the spot by means of a debit card.

If you are paying the tuition fee and the students’ union membership fee by means of a payment slip, you should expect a booking period of about one week. Acceptance and admission to the university only become legally effective upon receipt of the tuition fee and students’ union membership fee. If you pay using a payment slip, you must return to the Student Services department to receive your study documents. Possible fees for foreign transfers must be paid by the payers themselves.

If the fees are not duly paid before the end of the admission period, you will be automatically unenrolled from your degree programme.

Notification of continuation in case of fee payment at another university

If you have paid the students’ union membership fee and the tuition fee at another university, please send an email to requesting the continuation of your studies. Failure to do so will result in your automatic unenrolment from your studies at Vetmeduni Vienna.