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Vetmeduni's historical archive (1765-1945)

The Archive is the University’s Memory


In this note, dated 24th of March, 1765 and addressed supreme counsellor of health (Oberster Sanitätsrat) van Swieten, Maria Theresa writes "...I have decided to establish a school for the treatment of livestock diseases here." So begins the written record of events surrounding the veterinary hospital. Behind her decision was the Court Council of War of the Hapsburg Monarchy (Hofkriegsrat), which wanted to establish a training centre for veterinarians and blacksmiths in order to supply the military with healthy horses. Veterinarians were also necessary for civilian life, as animal diseases caused by cattle drives were a frequent menace. Requests for veterinarians or blacksmiths from certain regiment commanders and regiments, court and military studs (Piber, Babolna, Mezöhegyes), and various communities can be found amongst the writings.

Reports of disease, purchases of horses in training for the military, graduation certificates, assessments by military personnel, sickness and autopsy protocols for horses, cows and sheep. Directions for structural alterations, repairs, and purchases. Announcements for court mourning (the military had to be dressed according to code), writings of the Court Council of War, patents and circulars, official resolutions, uniform and adjustment codes. Conscriptions of doctors, surgeons and blacksmiths (stud and military blacksmiths) for veterinary training and for consultation regarding infectious diseases.