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The Platform for Bioinformatics aims to strengthen the bioinformatics expertise of researchers at the Vetmeduni Vienna. The Platform assists researchers on campus throughout an entire bioinformatics project.

We provide support during

  • experimental design
  • project management
  • data analysis
  • publication

The main focus of the Platform for Bioinformatics is to enable researchers of the Vetmeduni Vienna to carry out competitive bioinformatics analyses.

We offer bioinformatical support and analyses for experiments involving high-throughput technologies such as array based and next generation sequencing

The main goals are to

  • facilitate state of the art bioinformatics analyses
  • adapt research solutions for bioinformatics approaches
  • ensure that researchers are able to exploit the rapidly emerging field of bioinformatic applications

This will help to maintain, broaden and support excellence in research projects at the Vetmeduni.