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JPCR 54427 - Serbia: Striving Towards Excellence in Veterinary Education EDUVET (2013-4539)

Project duration: December 2013 - November 2016

The wider project objective is to achieve graduation of highly competent veterinary surgeons recognized by European Union (Directive 2005/36 EU), Serbian veterinary legislation and labour market.

Specific objectives are to: a) upgrade veterinary curricula focused on "clinical teaching" methodology, introduce modern veterinary specialist courses and novel course in organic livestock production; b) obtain a broad overview of the present status and perspectives of the veterinary profession in Serbia and the place of veterinary education within the profession.

These objectives should be achieved through a joint effort of 3 Serbian universities/faculties in cooperation with 2 non-academic institutions (Veterinary Directorate and Veterinary Chamber of Serbia) and 4 EU universities with substantial expertise and approved veterinary teaching facilities.

The principal outcomes will be a) upgraded veterinary curricula with incorporated "clinical teaching methodology" in compliance with EU standards; b) new veterinary specialist curricula in compliance with Serbian Law on Veterinary Matters; c) new curriculum in organic livestock production and c) comprehensive survey on the "Present state of the veterinary profession in Serbia and vision for the future".

Upgraded and new curricula should make a significant impact on the future quality and recognition of veterinary services at all levels, on animal health and welfare, food safety and agricultural economy in Serbia. Results of the survey should instigate profession wide debate on direction of the future development of the veterinary medical profession.