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The Konrad Lorenz Institute of Ethology is a biological research institute for the study of animal behavior. The Institute was originally founded in 1945 by Otto und Lilli Koenig who were inspired by the pioneering work of Konrad Lorenz and the emerging new field of behavioral biology called "ethology."

Formerly an institute of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, since 2011 we are part of the Department of Interdisciplinary Lifesciences of the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna.

Since spring 2015 it has also been the seat of the Austrian Ornithological Center (AOC).


Mission Statement

Our goals are to investigate and advance scientific understanding about the biology of animal behavior and transfer this knowledge through scholarly publication. As an institute for ethology (behavioral biology), we study animals in natural or seminatural conditions, as well as the laboratory, and address questions regarding proximate mechanisms and evolution. We study a diversity of species, and utilize a variety of methods and techniques, including molecular genetic tools. We provide opportunities for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows to receive training and collaborate on research. Cooperation with schools and other interested groups offer possibilities for long-term studies. Finally, we aim to apply insights from our research to better understand the behavior of our own species and to address applied problems, particularly for conservation and the environment.