Excursion: Owls in the Vienna Woods

Photo © Erik Karits/Pixabay
Ural owl on a tree with grey bark

Join as in Naturpark Sparbach 1, in den Southern Vienna Woods, and discover the habitat of all kinds of owls during a guided hike through the woods.   At the end of February the owl mating season reaches its peak.  Before females start breeding, the owls are duelling with songs.  Experience their songs and learn more about the different owl species that reside in the Vienna Woods, about their behaviour and habits.  


When: 21 February 2020, 4:45 p.m. [Substitute date if the weather is bad: 28 February 2020]

Where: 2393 Naturpark Sparbach, you will receive the exact location after registering

Cost: Free donation

Registration: seebarn[@]vetmeduni.ac.at, excursion for adults

Tip: warm clothing and robust shoes.  Binoculars recommended

Donations will benefit bird protection in the region. 


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