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Climate change and future pig and poultry production: implications for animal health, welfare, performance, environment and economic consequences


Pigs and poultry are predominantly kept in confined livestock buildings in Austria. By modelling the relationship between animals, building, and the ventilation system, the indoor thermal climate, air quality, and airborne emissions will be simulated. For a reference (1985-2010) and the future dataset (2036-2065), the vulnerability of the livestock system will be assessed. For various adaptation strategies, their effectiveness will be evaluated to increase the resilience of livestock husbandry.


press report Der Standard 28 April 2019 "Klimawandel: Stressfaktor" Link

press report Der Standarf vom 26 April 2019 "Wirtschaftspolitik: Tierwohl" Link

press report Kurier 27 April 2019 "Unsere Schweine kommen ins Schwitzen" Link

Announcement of the Central Institute of Meteorology and Geodynamics: What does the Climate Change imply for the livestock husbandry? Link (German)

On Thursday, 4 April 2019, the styrian Climate and Energy Forum will take place in Pirching am Traubenberg. Results of the project will be presented by Dr. Martin Schönhart there.  More information