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Campus-wide (ultra-) low temperature freezers (-20°C / -80°C)

At VetCore it is possible to store samples, enzymes, etc. in (ultra-) low temperature freezers at -20°C or -80°C. This offer is especially intended for units that do not have sufficient ultra-low freezing capacities themselves, but it can also be used as a backup.

There are slots for single cryoboxes (81 Eppis) or whole racks (20 cryoboxes). For special sizes please contact Martin Hofer.

These ultracoolers are compressor-free units made by Stirling Ultracold, whose major advantage is the Free Piston cooling system, which results in significant electricity savings and CO2 reduction. This is especially important for the environmental protection efforts in the course of the EMAS environmental management of the Vetmeduni Vienna.

Application form -20°C
Application form -80°C


  • to be taken on request or from the sample storage form


Info and contact

Martin Hofer; +43 1 250 77 3152



The storage and collection of samples is only possible together with a VetCore employee in order to keep the door opening times as short as possible and to minimize the risk of mix-ups. This serves to protect all samples stored in the freezer, even though absolute safety can naturally never be achieved.
The ultra-low temperature freezers are electronically monitored (ZLT) and are connected to the university's emergency power system. Furthermore, a replacement unit is available in case of equipment failure. VetCore does not assume any liability for technical failures.
It is forbidden to knowingly store material that is hazardous to health, especially human pathogenic substances!

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