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At the ITT, we strive to strengthen our collegiality and the "team spirit" with joint activities (on a voluntary basis) and so -several times a year- we go on trips, visit Christmas markets or museums or have a BBQ-afternoon.

In June 2023 we visited the parrot station of the ARGE, which new location was opened in 2022, in the 9th district of Vienna. The association, founded in 1995, runs a donation-financed sanctuary for unwanted parrots, e.g. birds, that have been confiscated by the authorities. The parrot protection center is run as an approved animal shelter and is under scientific management. The stock now has a size of about 180 animals, ranging from budgerigars to macaws. The sanctuary is run according to the principles of zoological parrot husbandry, i.e. the birds are kept in compatible groups in well-structured flight enclosures. The association also offers support and advice on finding a partner for lonely single parrots and is a nationally unique and internationally recognized contact point for questions about the species-appropriate keeping of exotic birds.

We would like to congratulate the association on this successful project of the new protection center, like to say thank you for the interesting tour and are pleased to announce that we were able to initiate a future internship cooperation for prospective veterinarians. (Contact via secretariat if interested)


Elsevier is a scientific publisher of scientific journals and specialist literature. The core business of the publishing house includes scientific, technical and medical publications. Elsevier publishes around 3,500 scientific journals and 2,200 books annually.

The journal "Applied Animal Behavior Science" publishes relevant information on the behavior of pets and livestock. This journal has an Impact Factor of 2,448, ranking it 33rd out of 146 in the Veterinary Sciences category. Because this journal is indexed in 12 international databases, a published article can be read and cited by researchers worldwide.

We are pleased that three of our publications can currently be found on the list of the most downloaded articles from "Applied Animal Behavior Science" in the last 90 days:

The documentation and information center, based at the ITT, headed by Mrs. Hofrätin DDr Binder, has published the following:

Enrichment cats:

Possibilities to improve the quality of life of experimental cats through enrichment measures - an overview; Vienna Veterinary Monthly (WTM) 2022(109).
The article summarizes the current state of research on strategies for enrichment in the keeping of (experimental) cats recommended in the specialist literature.


Muzzles as a means of bite prevention - history, muzzle requirement, animal welfare and safety aspects; Vienna Veterinary Monthly (WTM) 2023(110).
Based on a survey of dog trainers, the article examines injuries caused by muzzled dogs. He investigates whether certain types of muzzles that are frequently used are actually as safe as is often assumed.

Internship, BSc, MSc or Diploma

Study: The effect of providing virtual friends on behaviour of domestic chickens

Internship; Master thesis: "Effect of providing virtual friends on behaviour of domestic chickens"

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