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Welcome to the website of the department E-Learning and New Media

Team of the E-Learning and New Media Department (1.8.2019)
Michael Bernkopf, Astrid Schwarz, Stefan Kammerer, Mehrzad Hamzelo, Ulrich Strauss, Angela Falkensteiner and Alexander Wijnants (from left).

On our website you will find information about the Vetucation® learning platform and the services provided by the E-Learning and New Media department.

Under the name Vetucation®, the learning platform of the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna was introduced in 2006 and serves to support classroom teaching.

The learning platform offers the following possibilities:

  • Blended learning (presence and online phase)
  • Synchronous and asynchronous communication (Web conferencing, e-mail)
  • interactive and collaborative tools (wikis, weblogs, discussion forum)
  • self-tests
  • mobile learning

Links to our Multimedia section

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Links to our e-learning section

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