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Vascular diseases and their consequences are the most common cause of death in the western world. Diseases of the arteries, veins and lymph vessels are still too often recognized too late. In the event of illness, early and consistent treatment increases the quality of life and can save lives. One of our current research projects is targeting tiny little spheres, the so-called extracellular vesicles. These globules play an important role in the exchange of information between cells. They play a key role in the development of the disease, but also in the regeneration and formation of new blood vessels, and are regarded as pioneering beacons of hope for the early detection and targeted therapy of vascular diseases. We are working on gaining an even better understanding of cell communication via extracellular vesicles. With this knowledge, we can develop new life-saving therapies – for humans and animals.

Silvio Kau, head of the research project, on the great potential of his scientific work:

"I would like to do everything in my power to give people and animals affected by vascular diseases better prospects for the future. Only if we become aware of the disease in good time can we treat it effectively and save lives in a row. Therefore, I am concentrating on the study of tiny globules - so-called extracellular vesicles. They are "spatted out" by cells and are as small compared to the human body as the size ratio between a soccer ball and the earth. Scientific laboratory work is very expensive , please support my research with your donation – thank you very much!"

Please support our research project with your valuable donation – thank you very much!

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