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Course offering in the “Veterinary Medicine” curriculum

In the context of the following modules we educate students of veterinary medicine in basic cytology, tissue study and microscopic anatomy, as well as in basic embryology:

  • 01 “From organism to tissue”
  • 02 “From tissue to cell”
  • 03 “From cell to molecule”
  • 08 “Propaedeutics/Clinic”
  • 09 “Respiration/Blood/Circulation”
  • 10 “Skin and appendages”
  • 11 “Digestion/Metabolism/Liver/Kidneys/Urinary tract”
  • 12 “Endocrinology/Reproduction/Genetics”
  • 13 “Neurology/Sense organs”
  • 15 “Locomotor system”

In the context of Module 16, “Economy/Communication/Reflection/personal and scientific education”, we assist students in preparing for their studies and prospective scientific work.

In our teaching, we place great value on applied clinical and functional microanatomy, including their application in veterinary practice.

Courses pertaining to the “Veterinary Medicine” curriculum are numbered in the formats and (immersion module) in VetmedOnline.