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Through the Vetucation e-learning-platform, enrolled students can access the content of lectures held at our Work Group, specimens, presentations and much more (registration required).

Examples of our offering:

  • Lecture materials
  • Videos
    To play videos, a flash player plug-in is required, which can be downloaded from the following site: Download Flash Player
  • Depictions with explanations of X-ray images, anatomical sections, topographical specimens of diverse regions of the body and organ specimens.
    Animation is used to explain online learning materials. Moving the mouse over a line of text activates the animation.
  • Virtual Microscope
    Collection of histological and embryological sections for “microscoping” at home and (in the future) also on mobile (end-user) devices. Using the mouse for zooming in, zooming out and repositioning simulates working with the light microscope.
  • Learning games
    Memory tests and mini-tests to review material already covered in class.
  • CD-ROM for embryology of domestic animals
    We wish to thank our colleagues at Ghent University for their support.
  • Links to interesting and helpful external learning programmes
  • Additional reading


Our e-learning offering is continually being updated and expanded and adapted to the courses on offer.