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In terms of personnel and organization, the Institute of in vivo and in vitro Models is closely affiliated with Biomodels Austria (Biat). One of our key areas of focus is the generation, breeding, phenotyping, and archival of genetically modified mouse models in the framework of biomedical research projects. By means of targeted projects the Institute seeks to improve and further develop methods and technologies for transgenesis and assisted reproduction in laboratory mice. In connection with these efforts, we also offer comprehensive guidance to interested researchers in the development of strategies for transgenesis in laboratory animals.


In accordance with the precepts of 3R, a further priority for the Institute is concentrated on issues of refinement leading to a reduction or even a replacement of the burden borne by experimental animals. Institute staff members consult with academic, governmental, and industrial institutions on questions about animal experiments and animal welfare; they are also active participants on professional committees.


Beyond this, the Institute offers manifold possibilities for the education and advanced training of professionals in laboratory animal science.