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Information about Biomodels Austria

Mice share 98% of the genetic makeup found in other mammals. Since they reproduce rapidly and are inexpensive to keep, mice represent an important model for studying the biological functions of other mammals, including humans.


The service platform Biomodels Austria has been successfully engaged in biomedical and biotechnology research since 2006. Our repertoire comprises methods for developing new genetically modified mouse models, as well as the archival, revitalization and rederivation of mouse strains for basic biomedical research. Through our work and the expertise of the Biomodels Austria team, both the number of laboratory animals and the burden placed on them in the sense of the 3Rs are being significantly reduced (for more information, see, for example,


Moreover, students and scientists are being trained and educated in the handling of animal models. For us, outreach activities such as continuing education of teachers, hosting school classes and other visitor groups in our laboratories as well as supervising student interns are an important aspect of communicating scientific topics to the public.



Care and keeping of laboratory animals

Veterinary services (castration, vasectomy, immunization, sample collection, among others)

Transgenic technologies

      Generation of transgenic mice via random and targeted DNA integration methods

Rederivation of contaminated mouse strains via embryo transfer

Rapid colony expansion through IVF

Worldwide import and export of live and cryopreserved laboratory mice

Cryopreservation technologies

      Embryo cryopreservation

      Sperm cryopreservation

      Revitalization of embryos (also from other institutions)

Assisted reproductive technologies

      In vitro fertilization

      Laser-assisted in vitro fertilization for subfertile animals

      Microsurgical or percutaneous epididymal sperm aspiration

      Ovarian transfer




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