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Dr. Herbert Hoi

Konrad-Lorenz-Institute of Ethology
Department of Interdisciplinary Life Sciences
University of Veterinarian Medicine Vienna
Savoyenstr. 1a
A-1160 Vienna

T +43 (1) 25077 7324
F +43 (1) 25077 94 7324

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My behavioural research has mainly focused on the social, mating, and reproductive behaviour of birds. Questions related to this topic are: What are the advantages of coloniality? How males attract mates through acoustic and visual communication? Why are females choosy about their mates? Why are some females unfaithfull to their partners? How do they manage extra-pair copulation and what are the costs and benefits of this behaviour.

Current Projects

  • Sparkling Science Project: Vögel als Bioindikatoren (see Vetdoc)
  • FWF project P19310-B17: Maternal effects and female allocation strategies in house sparrows (Passer domesticus)
  • FWF project: Sexual selection in the Common Toad (Bufo bufo) Grant # P19264-B17
  • Sparkling Science Project: Klimawandel: Auswirkung auf unsere Vogelwelt Grant # SPA/01/2007/51/A/Klimawandel
  • Female ornamentation and directional male mate choice in a passerine bird (In collaboration with Prof. Andrea Pilastro, University of Padova and Dr. Matteo Griggio) 
  • Mate choice in reed warblers (Acrocephalus scirpaceus): are there heritable song features?

Curriculum Vitae

  • Date of birth: 12.07.1961, St.Veit a.d. Glan, Austria
  • 1985 - 1988: Thesis on "Ecology and mating system of bearded tits (Panurus biarmicus)"
  • 1989 - 1991: Research assistant in the department of Ethology, University of Vienna
  • Since April 1991: Senior scientist at the Konrad Lorenz Inst. f. Vergl. Verhaltensforschung