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The Austrian Ornithological Centre joined the European Union for Bird Ringing, EURING, during its general assembly in September 2015 in San Sebastián, Spain.  This was an important milestone in the AOC's history.  Details on the new ringing scheme, such as the inscription the rings are to bear, were clarified, and the date for the launch of the Austrian bird ringing centre was set for 1 January 2016.  Starting on this date the new ringing station officially took over the coordination of bird ringing in Austria, which until then had been the task of the Radolfzell Ornithological Centre (Max-Planck Institute of Ornithology).  The ringing centre's central task is the coordination of bird ringing at a national level and the documentation of reported ring recoveries through an international data exchange.  In addition to issuing rings and handling the corresponding data management, the ringing centre is also responsible for registering and forwarding recovered rings and for training bird ringers.