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For the sake of our environment ...

Due to the modernisation of our accounting system, we decided to deliver the invoice along with the findings solely via e-mail*. This action, introduced on April 2nd 2013, applies only to customers, who wish to receive their findings via e-mail. With this step, we want to contribute to the protection of the environment and resources.

* In case an additional postal delivery of the invoice is asked for, we allow us to charge for the postage (62 Cent).



Address: 1210 Wien, Veterinärplatz 1 Geb: AA/II
F +43 1 25077-2290
Web: Institute of Parasitology  1


Univ.-Prof. Anja Joachim Dipl.EVPC
T +43 1 25077-2200
E-Mail to Anja Joachim


Amtsrätin Gertrude Wenzl
T +43 1 25077-2201
E-Mail to Gertrude Wenzl


Welcome to the Institute of Parasitology of Vetmeduni Vienna!

The Institute of Parasitology is situated within the Department of Pathobiology of Vetmeduni Vienna! 



The pictures above constitue a selection of parasites or their stadiums, that are documented at the Institute of Parasitology with a light microscope or a scanning electron microscope, prepared via methods for direct detection of parasites or a variety of other preparation techniques 

Enjoy surfing our websites. In case we missed out on something or you are especially delighted with the contents, please let us know.


Treatment conversation and additional information

Monday, Tuesday

Ass.-Prof. Dr. phil. Renate Edelhofer

E-Mail an Renate EDELHOFER

T +43(0)1/25077-2219

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Dr. med. vet. Dipl. EVPC Barbara Hinney

E-Mail to Barbara HINNEY

T +43(0)1/25077-2227


Contact for diagnostic services

Birgit Wakonig, BSc

  • T +43(0)1/25077-2222 or 2221
  • T +43(0)1/25077-6914

E-Mail to Birgit Wakonig