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...whatever we can do for you, we do it with pleasure!

Parasitological examinations of various veterinary sample material, answering zoological questions, training in the framework of the courses offered at the Vetmeduni Vienna and research are the tasks, we are eager to perform on your behalf.

Our activities

We examine >5000 samples/year, including fecal organ, skin asnd blood samples as well as parasitic objects, submitted by veterinarians, animal owners, clincis and institutes. Ca. 75% are from domestic and 35% from wild animals.We evaluate and develop novel diagnostic methods, and carry out studies on the parasites of domestic and wild animals.

Our own laboratory for the entire veterinary parasitological diagnostics

The institute offers a full range of parasitological diagnostic assays for the detection of protozoal and helminth pathogens, as well as the morphological identification of parasitic arthropods. Several serological and molecular diagnostic assays are also available.