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Postal address

  • Veterinärplatz 1
  • 1210Wien
  • Phone number: +43 1 25077 2201

The institute of parasitology is located on the campus of the university of veterinary medicine close to the Donaufelderstraße, building AA, 2nd floor.

Access via main entrance or through the turnstile

If you plan to use public transportation and if you are traveling without an animal, you are allowed to access the university campus through the turnstile located on Donaufelderstraße, opposite the tram stop "Josef-Baumann-Gasse" of the tramlines 25 and 26. Otherwise, please access the campus via main entrance, which is located in the Josef-Baumann-Gasse (Veterinärplatz 1!)

Access to the Institute of Parasitology

We urge you to access the institute through the entrance between the buildings AA and EA.