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General information

The scientific services comprise diagnostic activities as well as advisory functions, aid in forensic issues and the preparation of expert's reports for judicial proceedings. The institute serves animal owners, private veterinary practices and clinics, university and other institutes as well as the pharmaceutical industry.

The following services are currently offered:

Necropsy and histological tests on vertebrates excluding fish and poultry, including the evaluation of all results and the drawing up of an expert's report
(e.g. duration of disease processes).

Histological tests on organs, tissue samples and biopsies.

Electron microscopy of faecal samples and cell homogenates for the detection of viruses.

Immunohistological examinations for identification of certain infectious agents and cellular marker proteins in tissue sections.

In situ hybridization for identification of certain infectious agents in tissue sections.

PCR for detection of certain infectious agents in different sample types.

When necessary, additional parasitological, bacteriological, mycological and virological tests are initiated in order to clarify the cause of death. In cases of suspected poisonings, chemical-analytical (toxicological) or botanical tests are run.

Results are disclosed as quickly as possible by way of mail, fax or e-mail. In urgent cases, the personnel of the institute can be contacted per telephone.