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If you think a wild animal needs help (e.g. injured animal, orphaned wild animal), you should call the hotline of the City of Vienna at (41-1) 4000-49090 (daily from 7:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.)  For bats the University of Veterinary Medicine continues to be in charge. 

You can find more details (in German) in the leaflet WILDTIERE in Not and on the website  Wildtiere in der Stadt


Some additional external numbers for specific cases can be found here.


In principle all queries regarding veterinary care for injured wildlife or animals in danger (e.g. wild boar in the swimming pool) should be referred to Magistrate (MA) 60 in Vienna (see info Wildtiere in Not), or in other provinces to the local vet or the police.  

To the extent possible we provide information on raising young wild animals, and about wildlife biology, as well as about relevant veterinary-medicine topics.  


Other external contacts in Vienna





Emergency vet referral (free)



Vetmeduni emergency nr. (18-8, WE 0-24)



Veterinarian at Zoo Schönbrunn



Vienna Animal Protection Association



Eulen- und Greifvogelstation Haringsee



Bird Life Austria



Zoo Schönbrunn