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On partridges and pheasants: The book "Rebhuhn- und Fasanfibel" (2015, in German)

Once upon a time the partridge lived in all fields of our region.  Today it has become rare.  What has caused the drastic decline?  What does the partridge need to return in greater numbers to our landscape? How does this interesting bird live?  Pheasants too have an interesting story:  Once it arrived in our lands from Asia this colorful fowl became a favourite of hunters.  Today - with declining populations - knowledge about the pheasant is increasingly being lost.  This reference book has lots of information on partridges and pheasants.

96 pages. About 60 colour photos, numerous black and white drawings by Hubert Zeiler.

"Die Rebhuhn- und Fasanfibel" (ISBN/ISSN978-3-85208-132-8) by Paul Herberstein and Erich Klansek  was published in 2015 by the Österreichischer Jagd- u. Fischerei-Verlag (in German)

All about hares: "Hasenfibel" 2014 (in German)

How do hares spend their day, what do they eat, how do their tracks look?  All about hares, their development, their care, and hunting requirements can be found in this new German language publication.

The book "Die Hasenfiebel" (ISBN-13: 978-3852081236) byPaul Herberstein and Erich Klansek was published in September 2014 by Österreichischer Jagd- u. Fischerei-Verlag.