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Courses in the winterterm

  • Privatissimum of Epidemiology
  • Privatissimum in (Veterinary) Epidemiology
  • Epidemiology of animal infectious diseases & One Health approach
  • Privatissimum on Methods in Epidemiology
  • Privatissimum in Research Seminar in biometry
  • Process Models in Veterinary Epidemiology
  • Practice in Veterinary Health Care
  • Preparation course for the exam for official veterinarians (according to LMSVG- Aus- und Weiterbildungsverordnung SFU)
  • Medical biometrics and epidemiology II
  • Lecture of Veterinary organisation and Forensic Veterinary Medicine
  • Principles of Epizootic Medicine and Control of Epizootic Diseases Preventing Occupation-related Diseases
  • Animal Diseases and Epizootic Disease Control
  • Diseases of the Skin and its Appending Organs: Diagnosis, Treatment and Complementary Measures
  • Science in Veterinary Medicine

Courses in the summerterm

  • Privatissimum of Epidemiology
  • Privatissimum in (Veterinary) Epidemiology
  • Epidemiology of animal infectious diseases
  • Privatissimum on Methods in Epidemiology
  • Research Seminar in biometry
  • Repetitorium Gerichtliches Veterinärwesen
  • Practice in Veterinary Health Care
  • Principles of statistics and epidemiology
  • Biosecurity in Primary Production
  • General Care of Livestock
  • Monitoring, Quality Assurance and Risk Analysis
  • National and EU Legal Regulations
  • Monitoring and Statistics
  • National and EU legislation and official controls
  • Science in Veterinary Medicine

State Veterinary Public Health Program

The Veterinary Public Health program ("Physikat") is a comprehensive postgraduate course designed to prepare veterinarians for the state veterinary public health exam, a mandatory step toward becoming an official state veterinarian in Austria.

The program has a twofold objective: firstly, to offer forward-looking training that equips veterinarians with the necessary skills for roles within public veterinary health administration. Secondly, it aims to empower participants to operate at an progressive professional level by incorporating the latest advancements in animal welfare, infectious (zoonotic) diseases, food safety, and veterinary medicinal products, on the basis of national and international legislation.

Collaborating closely with the Federal Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Long-Term Care, and Consumer Protection, this program ensures comprehensive support on economic, organizational, and content-related fronts, enhancing its effectiveness and relevance in addressing contemporary veterinary public health challenges.