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Tumour biology

In the area of tumour biology our Institute has specialized in the study of specific molecules as potential tumour markers and their therapeutic potential. In this topic area we are primarily focused on studying canine lymphoma, canine and feline osteosarcoma and canine mammary tumours, in addition to answering inquiries from the campus clinics about oncological issues. Besides employing imaging procedures (X-ray, ultrasound, computer and magnetic resonance tomography, µCT) and light and electron microscopic assessments, in this area we also focus on in vitro applications in order to compare isolated primary tumour cells with the tissue from which they originated, as well as with established cell lines. The utilization of isolated primary tumour cells from different patients offers the opportunity to study tumour-relevant factors and also chemotherapeutics in vitro in various applications. This research area relies mainly on the use of three-dimensional micro-tumour models (spheroids) in order to simulate tumour growth and behaviour as closely to nature as possible. Close cooperation with the VetBioBank allows us to combine the results of in vitro experiments with the cellular characteristics of the original tissue.