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Scientific cooperations

Start-up Baccuico


At Baccuico Ltd, we are culturing unculturable bacteria to isolate novel species of these bacteria and harvest them for valuable metabolites targeting key challenges facing humanity. These include the growing antibiotic resistance crisis as well all a variety of challenges in the agricultural and industrial spaces. We are an international operation split between London and Munich and with an array of senior investors and advisors from across Europe and the US.

EMMA - The European Mouse Mutant Archive 

The European Mouse Mutant Archive (EMMA) is a non-profit repository for the collection, archiving and distribution of mice relevant to biomedical research.

The laboratory mouse is the most important mammalian model for studying genetic and multi-factorial diseases in man. Thus, the work of EMMA will play a crucial role in exploiting the tremendous potential benefits to human health presented by the current research in mammalian genetics.

The EMMA network is a consortium of several institutions and laboratories in several European countries with expertise in the field of cryobiology and in methods of assisted reproduction.

The Institute of Laboratory Animal Science / Biomodels Austria is the Austrian node of the EMMA network.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Rülicke (former head of the Institute of Laboratory Animal Science; is member of the Board of Participating Directors of EMMA. Dr. Auke Boersma ( is member of the Technical Working Group.

The submission of strains for cryopreservation and the ordering of archived mutant mouse strains and services are possible only using the EMMA webpage.


EMMA is supported by the partner institutions, national research programmes and by the EC's FP7 Capacities Specific Programme.