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A modern, problem-oriented educational offering should equip students with the expertise to successfully and competently master the issues that they will be confronted with in veterinary practice, in food and feed monitoring, in administration and in industry. Our educational offering is equal to the challeng
es posed by the demand for increased specialization and our staff members are actively engaged with staying abreast of current and future developments across the entire spectrum of veterinary medicine.

A vital element is the mentoring of future generations of scientists (doctoral students, diplomates) as well as supporting the careers of practicing veterinarians through continuing education. In addition to taking part in the lectures and exercises for the basic course of studies, there are lectures on special topics or seminars on feeding and clinical nutrition of horses, small animals and agricultural livestock and on the topic area of production of foods of animal origin.

Through lectures and exercises students are familiarized with the basic principles of general and specialized botany (plant taxonomy) and also pharmacognosy. Electives in subjects such as phytotherapy, toxic plants, the technology of selected foods of plant origin, plant-based nutritional supplements and botany round out the educational offering.

The Institute also offers baccalaureate degrees in the fields of biotechnology and equine science.