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November 2018

Fabian, Garschall, Klepsatel, Santos-Matos, Sucena, Kapun, Lemaitre, Schlötterer, Arking and Flatt: "Evolution of longevity improves immunity in Drosophila" is now available in Evolution Letters.
Link to publication 2

November 2018

"Dynamics of transposable element invasions with piRNA clusters" now available at bioRxiv.
Link to publication 3

October 2018

Congratulations to Dr. Robert Kofler 4 on completing his habilitation procedure at Vetmeduni Vienna!

October 2018

Howie, Mazzucco, Taus, Nolte and Schlötterer: "DNA motifs are not general predictors of recombination in two Drosophila sister species", now out in bioRxiv.
Link to publication 5

October 2018

A new bioRxiv paper is available by Höllinger, Pennings and Hermisson: "Polygenic Adaptation: From sweeps to subtle frequency shifts".
Link to publication 6

October 2018

PhD student Shuwen Xia (Wageningen University & Research) is visiting us for 6 weeks in the framework of the BINGO 7 training network to collaborate with members of the Vienna Graduate School of Population Genetics. During her stay, she will work on RNA-seq data for a Drosophila melanogaster population in a new temperature regime.

October 2018

Congratulations Nayuta Yamashita 8 on her FWF grant "Food material properties and jaw loading in wild lemurs".

October 2018

PopGen Vienna alumna Ana Marija Jakšić 9 received a prestigious Award of Excellence for outstanding dissertations, bestowed by the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research, for her thesis "Thermal plasticity of the Drosophila transcriptome". Congratulations!

October 2018

We had a great time at the yearly PhD retreat at Altaussee for talks, discussing, hiking and socialising with 32 participants including associated members and guests.
Link to group foto 10

September 2018

We're organising the SMBE satellite meeting ‘Towards an integrated concept of adaptation: uniting molecular population genetics and quantitative genetics’ from Feb. 11-14, 2019, at Vetmeduni Vienna! Registration and abstract submission is open. 
Link to meeting website 11

September 2018

PopGen Vienna turns 10 this year! We're celebrating this very special anniversary during a one-day alumni symposium on September 7, 2018 at Vetmeduni Vienna.
Link to symposium 12

August 2018

Ana Marija Jakšić recently defend her thesis entitled "Thermal plasticity of the Drosophila transcriptome". Congratulations, and all the best wishes for your postdoc career in Cornell, Ana Marija!

August 2018

Now out in Genome Biology: "A simple genetic basis of adaptation to a novel thermal environment results in complex metabolic rewiring in Drosophila" by Mallard, Nolte, Tobler, Kapun and Schlötterer.
Link to publication 13

August 2018

New paper published in PLoS Computational Biology by Vlachos and Kofler: "MimicrEE2: Genome-wide forward simulations of Evolve and Resequencing studies".
Link to publication 14

July 2018

Congratulations to alumnae Johanna Bertl and Claudia Bank: Johanna Bertl was appointed as Associate Professor at the Department of Mathematics at Aarhus University. Claudia Bank, group leader of the Evolutionary Dynamics laboratory at the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência (IGC), was awarded an ERC Starting Grant.

July 2018

New paper by L. Endler, J.M. Gibert, V. Nolte  and C. Schlötterer: "Pleiotropic effects of regulatory variation in tan result in correlation of two pigmentation traits in Drosophila melanogaster" in Molecular Ecology.
Link to publication 15

July 2018

Christopher Willett, Research Assistant Professor at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, is visiting us for three weeks. Chris investigates genetic variation underlying speciation and adaptation and studies the genes that interact deleteriously to generate postzygotic reproductive isolation in a copepod system. He also looks at thermal tolerance and its potential interactions with reproductive isolation in collaboration with members of the Vienna Graduate School of Population Genetics.

June 2018

Accepted in Genome Biology and Evolution: "Re-adapting to DCV infection without Wolbachia: frequency changes of Drosophila anti-viral alleles can replace endosymbiont protection" by Faria, Martins, Schlötterer & Sucena.
Link to publication 16

June 2018

Congratulations to PhD student Anna Maria Langmüller! She received one of the prestigious Marshall Plan Foundation grants to support her research stay in the US. Anna will spend 6 months in the group of Philipp Messer at Cornell as visiting student researcher to work on population dynamics of CRISPR gene drives.

June 2018

Congratulations to Juraj Bergman who just successfully defended his PhD thesis "Inference of population genetic parameters in putatively unselected sites" on June 5, 2018 at Vetmeduni Vienna. All the best wishes for your postdoc career, Juraj!

May 2018

Mini-Symposium "Frontiers of Population Genetics" upcoming on May 9th at Lecture Hall B.
Link to event 17

May 2018

Publication now out by R. Kofler, K.-A. Senti, V. Nolte, R. Tobler and C. Schlötterer: "Molecular dissection of a natural transposable element invasion" in Genome Research.
Link to publication 18

April 2018

New paper by M. Lirakis, M. Dolezal and C. Schlötterer "Redefining reproductive dormancy in Drosophila as a general stress response to cold temperatures" in Journal of Insect Physiology.
Link to publication 19

March 2018

F. Mallard, A.M. Jakšić and C. Schlötterer are "Contesting the evidence for non-adaptive plasticity" in Nature!
Link to publication 20

March 2018

During a solemn ceremony, PhD alumnus Dominik Schrempf graduated "sub auspiciis praesidentis rei publicae", Austria’s highest possible honor for graduates who have excelled throughout their education and studies. Dominik is the first ever graduate of Vetmeduni Vienna to receive the prestigious ring of honor from the President of Austria. Congratulations, Dominik!
Link to press release 21

March 2018

Congratulations to PhD student Ana Marija Jakšić, one of 8 selected finalists to present a talk in the Walter M. Fitch Symposium at this year’s SMBE meeting in Yokohama. Finalists receive a one-year, online MBE subscription and travel support for attending the meeting. Ana Marija will speak about "Re-thinking a classic clinal trait: Pleiotropic consequences of thermally adaptive dopamine on pigmentation clines in Drosophila" during the competition for the Walter M. Fitch Prize (US $2000).
Link to award 22

March 2018

"High-throughput fecundity measurements in Drosophila" is now published in Scientific Reports by P. Nouhaud, F. Mallard, R. Poupardin, N. Barghi and C. Schlötterer
Link to publication 23

January 2018

Out today by Felkel et al.: "Asian horses deepen the MSY phylogeny" in Animal Genetics
Link to publication 24


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