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Thematic areas

  • PLF as part of One Health initiative
  • PLF as support tool in veterinary medicine
  • Controlling environment in animal husbandry
  • Performance and welfare monitoring
  • PLF approaches to enable sustainable production
  • PLF to support decision-making and solutions
  • Precision technology in product development, optimization and testing
  • Consumer perception of PLF
  • Traceability of production
  • Monitoring wildlife and companion animals
  • Ethics in PLF

Important dates and abstract submission

We appreciate the efforts of all authors who already submitted their abstracts. We are aware that COVID-19 delayed many of your research projects and we hope to see your newest research results in 2022. In this context, we announce a new deadline for abstract submission. The authors may delete, update or leave their abstracts as they are. 

  • Abstract submission opening: 1st Sep 2021
  • Abstract submission closing: 21st Nov 2021
  • Invitation to submit full paper: end of January 2022

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