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Andrea Piseddu

Working group Social behaviour

Andrea Piseddu, MA.
T +43 1 25077-4903  

I have a Bachelor in Natural Sciences (University of Sassari, 2017) and a Master in Evolution of Human and Animal Behaviour (university of Turin, 2020). During my studies, to expand my skills and competences, I pursued and completed several research experiences. In 2015 I studied the influence of dominance during a cooperation task in Kea (Nestor notabilis) (Kea lab, Messerli Research Institute, University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna); In 2016 I participated in a photo-identification project and collected behavioural data of humpback whales (Megaptera noveangliae) (Research Center in Húsavík , University of Iceland); In 2017 I conducted an outdoor GPS experiment with dogs (Canis familiaris) and their owners and collected faeces and urine samples for further analysis of the gut microbiome composition (Ethology Department of Elte University, Budapest); In 2019 I went back in Budapest to test the consistency of measurements of age-related behavioural modification in family dogs (Ethology Department of Elte University, Budapest).

I am currently doing my PhD at the Institute of Animal Welfare Science, University of Veterinary medicine, Vienna. My project aims to develop the first science-based welfare assessment tool for companion parrots’ caretakers. This goal will be achieved by reviewing the exiting literature and collecting scientifically objective data that will be tested for its validity and reliability. This tool, assessing type, prevalence, and severity of welfare challenges, will provide the foundation to facilitate a regular monitoring of companion parrots’ welfare. At the same time, it will enhance the caretakers’ understanding of parrots’ needs, resulting in an improved quality of life.


Schwing, R., Meaux, E., Piseddu, A. et al. Kea, Nestor notabilis, achieve cooperation in dyads, triads, and tetrads when dominants show restraint. Learn Behav 49, 36–53 (2021).

Piotti, P., Piseddu, A., Aguzzoli, E. et al. Two valid and reliable tests for monitoring age-related memory performance and neophobia differences in dogs. Sci Rep 12, 16175 (2022).