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The CDL is a research hub to study the behaviour and cognition of companion dogs that visit us with their caretakers. The lab consists of 6 testing rooms, each equipped with an adjustable multi-camera system, optimized for all kinds of behavioral studies. The state-of-the-art technological infrastructure provides us with the means to go beyond behavioral observations: Touchscreen units connected to automatic food dispensers allow us to study dogs’ learning and categorization abilities. An eye-tracker measures dogs’ eye movements and pupil size with high temporal and spatial precision while they watch pictures and videos (e.g., of their caregivers). A special 3D tracking system consisting of 8 industrial cameras permits the 3-dimensional reconstruction of the position of various body parts of a dog moving freely in space. Finally, a dummy scanner at the lab allows us to train the dogs for their participation in fMRI studies carried out in collaboration with the SCAN-Unit (University of Vienna).