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European Conference on Precision Livestock Farming

International Conference on Precision Dairy Farming

29th August to 2nd September 2022, Location: vetmeduni

Conference Website

Contributions to congresses

ICAR 2022, 26-30 June, Bologna, IT: ESTIMATION OF EMBRYO LOSSES IN GRAZING DAIRY COWS. L.V. Madoz 3, S.N. Lorenti 4, R. Rearte 3, L.E. Quintero
Rodriguez 3, A.L. Migliorisi 2, M. Jaureguiberry 3, C. Gabler 1, M. Drillich 5, R.L. De La Sota 3

5th Int. Conf. on Uterine Disorders in Farm Animals, 22–24June 2022 Cracow, Poland: 
Effect of heat stress on the occurrence of endometritis in dairy cows. M. TEKIN, C. GUSE, M. IWERSEN, M. DRILLICH, K. WAGENER. 
Research in bovine endometritis – are we asking the best questions? Marc DRILLICH. 
Relationship between cultivable aerobic microbiota in the uterus and oviduct of postpartum dairy cows. K. WAGENER, L. NEUBRAND, H. AWWAD, M. TEKIN, H. POTHMANN, V. HAVLICEK, U. BESENFELDER, M. EHLING-SCHULZ, M. DRILLICH



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