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The website of the Austrian Association for Buiatrics. Here you will find the dates of the annual meetings of the association, of national and international conferences, as well as information from the magazine Klauentierpraxis. 

On the website animal health services of the Austrian federal states, animal health service programmes and forms, but also the new image film from the Austrian Animal Health Service (TGD).

The Journal of Dairy Science is one of the world’s most important journals for cattle practice and dairy farming. In addition to the abstracts and a few articles (open access), the full texts from the current editions are unfortunately only available for ADSA members. A consolation: all readers have access to articles from editions that are more than 12 months old.

The website Fruchtbarkeitsmanagement offers a clear summary of the basics of the oestrus cycle and oestrus and ovulation synchronization. Downloadable tools and interactive examples are provided to facilitate an easy start into planned fertility management. The examples are mostly compiled for larger German farms. The site is operated by MSD Animal Health Germany.