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Wildlife medical services and training

Wildlife and zoological medicine is a discipline that integrates principles of ecology, conservation and veterinary medicine and applies them to wild animals within natural and artificial environments. 

Due to the wide species spectrum, the varying physiology and morphology, wildlife and zoo animal medicine can be challenging. While the department of wildlife and zoo animal medicine at the Research Institute of Wildlife Ecology generally offers support with all aspects of prophylactic, diagnostic and therapeutic zoo and wildlife medicine, it is particularly specialized in anaesthesia and surgical techniques, ultrasound diagnostics, reproduction management and animal and population conservation in wildlife species. We are committed to developing novel techniques and continuously improving tried methods for safe and species-adapted veterinary standard and care based on the current state of science. This provides the opportunity to offer research-oriented support and services to various conservation projects, zoos, academic institutions or other organisations both nationally and internationally. 

Another major area of responsibility is the support of research projects and animal care at the institute's location in Vienna itself. We advise and support the working groups in the fields of ecophysiology, applied physiology, genetics and behavioural biology on the principles of modern wildlife medicine and "good veterinary practice". We have the latest medical technology at our disposal, to ensure high-quality medical work.

We also transfer our knowledge to young colleagues and students. In the course of university teaching, we are firmly involved in the education of students both at the Vetmeduni Vienna and at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences. We teach the theoretical and practical foundations of modern, research-based and applied wildlife and zoo animal medicine, wildlife anaesthesia and deal with wildlife diseases and their management.

In order to support veterinarians and researchers working with free-ranging and captive wildlife species, to encourage medical research that benefits wild animals and to disseminate information relating to wildlife and zoo animals we furthermore provide workshops and training opportunities for interested veterinarians, biologists, hunters, etc. The workshops and training are mainly focused on wild animal health and diseases, wildlife handling, -capture and anaesthesia.