Welcome to the homepage of Precision Livestock Farming Hub (PLF-Hub) research group of Department for Farm Animals and Veterinary Public Health!

PLF Hub together with its core collaborative partners at Vetmeduni Vienna (BBT 2 and ITT 3) is one of the most important scientific groups worldwide working in the field of Precision Livestock Farming. 

PLF-Hub aims to foster internal collaboration at the Vetmeduni but also with (inter)national experts in animal health, behaviour and welfare that are focused on research in PLF field. It is the foundational idea of the PLF-Hub to strengthen the internal collaboration at the Vetmeduni Vienna that should result in synergies of animal and engineering expertise necessary for development of PLF technologies.

Core expertise of PLF-Hub, which makes this research group unique within the Vetmeduni Vienna, is engineering and algorithm development. It has been recognized that in the context of digitalization in animal health and livestock farming this expertise should be strengthened. 

The main focus of our research is to develop tools for management of livestock by continuous, automated real-time, monitoring of production/reproduction, health and welfare of livestock and environmental impact. Our objective is to measure continuously in an on-line way the responses of animals to their varying individual environment.

The following movie presents piglet tracking algorithm developed for purpose of counting piglets during farrowing. The algorithm was developed as part of PigWatch project.