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Computational Medicine (CTM Lab) at the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna, is a collective of interdisciplinary expertise and multicultural backgrounds. Our team comprises professionals from various disciplines, including computer science, veterinary medicine, biostatistics, and agriculture, each bringing their unique perspectives and skills to our collaborative environment. This diversity fosters a rich, creative, and inclusive atmosphere, where innovative ideas and solutions emerge from the convergence of different fields. Moreover, the CTM team is a tapestry of cultures, with members hailing from different parts of the world, contributing to a dynamic and global perspective in our research. This multicultural environment not only enriches our professional experience but also enhances our understanding and approach to the complex, global challenges we aim to address in computational medicine and veterinary science.

Peter M. Roth

Head of CTM Lab

e-mail: peter.m.roth@vetmeduni.ac.at
tel. +43 (0)1 25077 - 5666
cell: +43 (0)664 60257 5666

Building HA, 3rd floor (room HA08B41)

Personal website


  • Jennifer Lumetzberger, PhD candidate (2022–2023)
  • Georg Schreiber, research intern (2023)