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vetmeduni | CTM - Research Focus

At the Institute for Computational Medicine, University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna, our research is at the intersection of computational science, veterinary medicine, and agriculture. Founded in 2021 and led by Uni. Prof. Peter M. Roth since 2022, our team is dedicated to advancing the field of computational medicine through innovative research and application.

Our core focus is on two primary areas:

  1. Theoretical Development of Machine Learning Algorithms: We are deeply invested in the theoretical aspects of machine learning, striving to create algorithms that are not only advanced but also tailored to the specific needs of veterinary science. Our goal is to push the boundaries of what machine learning can achieve, especially in terms of predictive accuracy, efficiency, and applicability to real-world scenarios.

  2. Data Science Applications in Veterinary Medicine and Agriculture: The practical side of our research involves applying data science techniques to solve complex problems in veterinary medicine and agriculture. This includes analyzing large datasets to gain insights into animal health, disease patterns, and agricultural productivity. Our work in this area aims to enhance decision-making processes, improve animal welfare, and contribute to sustainable agricultural practices.

Through our research, the Institute for Computational Medicine seeks to not only contribute to academic knowledge but also to have a tangible impact on the fields of veterinary medicine and agriculture. We are committed to creating solutions that are innovative, practical, and beneficial for both animals and humans.