Doctoral Programme: Biological responses to environmental challenges (BIOREC) - carry over across life phases and generations


Research in the BIOREC Doctoral College collectively aims at understanding the role hormones play in regulating the effect cascades which translate environmental changes into fitness related changes through phenotypic variability in vertebrates. We are particularly interested in the stress response as indicated by "Endocrinological and fitness related stress profiles" in a set of in vitro and in vivo vertebrate models relevant in reproductive and developmental biomedical research.

In these studies a variety of techniques (biochemistry, histology and histochemistry, in vitro cell, tissue and embryo culture, and biometry) will be employed. We will study shorter term stress responses particularly in domestic livestock mammals (horses, cows, sheep) and birds (chick), and longer term responses particularly in guinea pigs, amphibians and fish.

Research units involved in the projects:

Animal Breeding and Genetics  1
Animal Husbandry and Animal Welfare  2
Aquatic Ecotoxicology  3
Artificial Insemination and Embryo Transfer  4
Biochemistry  5
Anatomy, Histology and Embryology  6
Wildlife and Ecology  7


The BIOREC Doctoral College involves nine interconnected individual research programmes aiming at continuing progress in networking and focus. Each individual research programme will comprise a series of PhD projects out of which the first are open for application now.



BIOREC PhD Project 1 8
Influence of life stage, sex and plasma binding globulins on adrenocortical activity in domestic livestock
BIOREC PhD Project 2 9
Influence of steroid hormones on canine endometrial cells in a three dimensional in vitro system
BIOREC PhD Project 3 10
Response of reproductive function (spermatogenesis, steroidogenesis) to environmental challenges in the stallion
BIOREC PhD Project 4 11
Interaction of early preimplantation embryos and disturbances in the cultural environment
BIOREC PhD Project 5 12
Effect of the early social environment on welfare and later challenge responses in dairy cattle
BIOREC PhD Project 6 13
Endocrine effects of environmental pollution in amphibians and fish
BIOREC PhD Project 7 14
Early life phase influences on reproductive and challenge performance in mammals: Effects of prenatal stress on later reproductive and challenge performance of guinea