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December 2019

PopGen Vienna alumnus Andrea Fulgione will start a group leader position at the Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research in Cologne in 2020. Congratulations, Andrea!

PopGen Vienna alumnus Tom Hill, currently postdoctoral researcher at Rob Unckless' Lab (Univ. of Kansas) received the KU Research Postdoctoral Achievement Award. Congratulations! Read more here 2

December 2019

Students of the Vienna Graduate School of Population Genetics organise the practical course "Experimental evolution: Bringing theory and practice together” from December 2 to 6, 2019 at the Vetmeduni Vienna

Link to course website 3

Link to news feature Vetmeduni 4

October 2019

We recently enoyed the yearly PhD retreat at Altaussee for talks, discussing, hiking and socialising with 38 participants including associated members and guests.
Link to group foto 5

September 2019

Thomas Wolfe 6 and Sabine Felkel 7 successfully defended their PhD theses - Congratulations and all the best for your postdoc research!

September 2019

New pre-print by Langmüller and Schlötterer available: Low concordance of short-term and long-term selection responses in experimental Drosophila populations.
Link to publication 8

August 2019

The Vienna Graduate School of Population Genetics is organizing an experimental evolution workshop in December. Application is open until end of September 2019.
Link to "Experimental evolution: bringing theory and practice together" 3

August 2019

Three new papers have just come out:

Vlachos, Burny, Pelizzola, Borges, Futschik, Kofler and Schlötterer: Benchmarking software tools for detecting and quantifying selection in evolve and resequencing studies.
Link to publication 9

Vlachos and Kofler: Optimizing the power to identify the genetic basis of complex traits with Evolve and Resequence studies. 
Link to publication 10

Borges, Szöllősi and Kosiol: Quantifying GC-biased gene conversion in great ape genomes using polymorphism-aware models.
Link to publication 11

August 2019

Three bioRxiv pre-prints have been published:

Weilguny, Vlachos, Selvaraju and Kofler: Reconstructing the invasion route of DNA transposons using extant population samples.
Link to publication 12

Christodoulaki, Barghi and Schlötterer: Distance to trait optimum is a crucial factor determining the genomic signature of polygenic adaptation. 
Link to publication 13

Burny, Nolte, Nouhaud, Dolezal and Schlötterer: Secondary evolve and re-sequencing: an experimental confirmation of putative selection targets without phenotyping.
Link to publication 14

July 2019

Review online by Lirakis and Magalhães: Does experimental evolution produce better biological control agents? 
Link to publication 15

July 2019

Two new pre-prints are now available:
Barghi and Schlötterer: Distinct patterns of selective sweeps and polygenic adaptation.
Link to publication 16

Otte and Schlötterer: A generalised approach to detect selected haplotype blocks in Evolve and Resequence experiments.
Link to publication 17

June 2019

Paper out by Borges, Szöllősi and Kosiol: Quantifying GC-biased gene conversion in great ape genomes using polymorphism-aware models.
Link to publication 18

May 2019

New collaborative pre-print by Vlachos, Burny, Pelizzola, Borges, Futschik, Kofler and Schlötterer: Benchmarking software tools for detecting and quantifying selection in Evolve and Resequencing studies. 
Link to publication 19

May 2019

Paper by Lukas Weilguny and Robert Kofler is now published in Molecular Ecology Resources: "DeviaTE: Assembly‐free analysis and visualization of mobile genetic element composition".
Link to publication 20

April 2019

New publication by Felkel et al.: "The horse Y chromosome as an informative marker for tracing sire lines."
Link to publication 21

April 2019

Just out in GBE: A recombination map of D. simulans - new paper by James M Howie, Rupert Mazzucco, Thomas Taus, Viola Nolte and Christian Schlötterer: "DNA motifs are not general predictors of recombination in two Drosophila sister species".
Link to publication 22

April 2019

Robert Kolfer just published "Dynamics of transposable element invasions with piRNA clusters" in MBE.
Link to publication 23 
Link to press release 24

April 2019

Congratulations to our Alumna Claudia Bank 25, group leader of the Evolutionary Dynamics laboratory 26 at the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência (IGC), on winning the SMBE Allan Wilson Junior Award 2019!

March 2019

PLoS Genetics paper published by Höllinger, Pennings and Hermisson: Polygenic adaptation: From sweeps to subtle frequency shifts.
Link to publication 27

March 2019

New pre-print by Jakšić, Karner, Nolte, Hsu, Barghi, Mallard, Otte, Svečnjak, Senti and Schlötterer: Neuronal function and dopamine signaling evolve at high temperature in Drosophila.
Link to publication 28

March 2019

Congratulations to alumnus Jun Chen on his faculty position at the Department of Ecology of Zhejiang University!

March 2019

New pre-print by Vlachos and Kofler: Optimizing the power to identify the genetic basis of complex traits with Evolve and Resequence studies.
Link to publication 29

February 2019

Barghi and Schlötterer published a perspective on the shift in data analysis from SNPs to selected haplotype blocks in Molecular Ecology.
Link to publication 30

February 2019

Bergman and Eyre-Walker just published in Molecular Biology and Evolution: "Does adaptive protein evolution proceed by large or small steps at the amino acid level?"
Link to publication 31

Febrary 2019

New publication by Barghi, Tobler, Nolte, Jakšić, Mallard, Otte, Dolezal, Taus, Kofler and Schlötterer: "Genetic redundancy fuels polygenic adaptation in Drosophila" in PLOS Biology.
Link to publication 32
Link to press release 33

February 2019

Paper just out by Hsu, Jakšić, Nolte, Barghi, Mallard, Otte and Schlötterer in Genes: "A 24 h age difference causes twice as much gene expression divergence as 100 generations of adaptation to a novel environment." 
Link to publication 34

January 2019

Phd student Anna Maria Langmüller 35, currently at Cornell Univ., is co-author of a new Genetics paper: "Maximum likelihood estimation of fitness components in experimental evolution." 
Link to publication 36

January 2019

Ilse Höllinger 37 just defended her thesis "Mathematical models of speciation and polygenic adaptation" at University of Vienna. Congratulations, and all the best for your further career!

January 2019

Robert Kofler has become editorial board member of Genes 38 (Section 'Population and Evolutionary Genetics and Genomics').


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