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Oceane Schmitt

Working group Social Behaviour

Oceane Schmitt, PhD.
T +43 1 25077-4913  

Research expertise

Piglet welfare

Human-animal relationships in pigs

Animal cognition (learning)


Schmitt O, Baxter EM, Boyle LA, O'Driscoll K, 2019. Nurse sow strategies in the domestic pig: I. Consequences on selected measures of sow welfare. Animal, 13(3):580-589.

Schmitt O, Baxter EM, Boyle LA, O'Driscoll K, 2019. Nurse sow strategies in the domestic pig: II. Consequences for piglet growth, suckling behaviour and sow nursing behaviour. Animal, 13(3):590-599.

Schmitt O, O'Driscoll K, Boyle LA, Baxter EM, 2019. Artificial rearing affects piglets pre-weaning behaviour, welfare and growth performance. Applied Animal Behaviour Science, 210:16-25.

Schmitt O, O'Driscoll K, Baxter EM, 2019. Exploratory study of the effects of Intra-Uterine-Growth-Retardation and neonatal energy supplementation of low birth-weight piglets on their post-weaning cognitive abilities. Animal Cognition, 22(3):373-385.

Schmitt O, O'Driscoll K, Baxter EM, Boyle LA, 2019. Artificial rearing affects the emotional state and reactivity of pigs post-weaning. Animal Welfare, 28(4):433-442.

Schmitt O, Baxter EM, Lawlor PG, Boyle LA, O'Driscoll K, 2019. A single dose of energy supplement to light birth-weight pigs shortly after birth does not increase their survival and growth. Animals, 9(5): 227.

Schmitt O, Reigner S, Bailly J, Ravon L, Billon Y, Gress L, Bluy L, Gilbert H, Cannario L, Bonnet A, Liaubet L, 2020. Thermoregulation at birth differs between piglets from two genetic lines divergent for residual feed intake. Animal, 15(1): 100069.

Schmitt O, Poidevin A. and O’Driscoll K, 2020. Does diversity matter? Behavioural differences between piglets given diverse or similar forms of enrichment pre-weaning. Animals, 10(10): 1837.

Schmitt O, O’Driscoll K. Use of Infra-Red Thermography to non-invasively assess neonatal piglet temperature. Translational Animal Science, 5(1): txaa208.

Curriculum vitae

2021-present: Post-Doc Researcher at Institute of Animal Welfare Science, University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna, Austria

2019-2020: Research Associate at the Animal Welfare and Behaviour group, University of Bristol, UK

2015-2018: PhD student in Developmental Biology at the Pig Department, Teagasc, Ireland; Animal Behaviour and Welfare group, Animal Veterinary Sciences, Scotland’s Rural College, Edinburgh, UK; and University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK

2011-2014: Double Master Degree

MSc Animal Health and Behaviour, Wageningen University, Wageningen, The Netherlands

MSc Agricultural Sciences, Ecole d’Ingenieurs de Purpan, Toulouse, France

MSc EURAMA, Partnership between Ecole d’Ingenieurs de Purpan and Wageningen University

2008-2011: BSc Agricultural Science, Ecole d’Ingenieurs de Purpan, Toulouse, France