Without mobility program

Traineeships that are not completed in Austria, but in the country of origin and the traineeship period is <2 months cannot be funded through a mobility grant.

It is recommended to apply for recognition in advance by means of an advance notice (Vorausbescheid).

The same applies to traineeships outside Austria for which no funding is requested.

How do I apply for recognition by means of an advance notice?

The application is made via our application platform "Mobility-Online".

There you will receive all the necessary documents (advance notice, insurance declaration)

Please submit your application no later than 2 months before the start of your stay abroad via our application platform "Mobility-Online".

If it is not possible to apply for recognition in advance, you can apply for recognition of external academic achievements AFTER the internship. You can find information on this in the Vetucation course "Information platform for students" under "Recognition of external academic achievements"

To apply in advance for recognition by means of advance notice via Mobility-Online 1


After the traineeship

Please upload your final documents via our application platform "Mobility-Online".


Currently there are no personal consultation hours.