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Job announcement: Facility Manager

The Research Institute of Wildlife Ecology (FIWI) and the Konrad Lorenz Institute of Ecology (KLIVV) (5th Department of Interdisciplinary Life Sciences) are looking for a Facility Manager

Level: IVa    Working hours: 40 hours/week
Duration: unlimited

Application deadline: 22 September 2022


Looking for candidates for Master´s thesis

Testing the Membrane Pacemaker Hypothesis according to early-life conditions in a small heterotherm (with Priv.Doz.Dr. Sylvain Giroud and Dr. Alba Hykollari)

Duration 6-8 months, start flexible, latest January 2023

Details about the position


Effect of age on telomere length and between-tissues comparison in the garden dormouse (Eliomys quercinus) (with Priv. Doz. Dr. Sylvain Giroud and Dr. Steve Smith)

Duration about 6 months, start flexible, latest January 2023

Details about the position

PhD position in the project "Voice Prints: Individual Signatures and Recognition"

We are looking for a PhD Candidate for research at the Konrad Lorenz Institute of Ethology on the topic of ultrasonic vocalizations and social recognition in wild house mice. This project is a collaborative effort between our laboratory (Sarah Zala & Dustin Penn) and Peter Balazs at the Acoustics Research Institute, Austrian Academy of Sciences.

Application deadline: 15 February 2023. Desired starting date 1 April 2023

Details about the position

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Wilhelminenberg Seminar

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Red deer with animal keeper

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Thesis themes for students

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